Muschetarul si grobienii

Citeste mesajul de mai jos. Cred cu tarie ca aici trebuie sa ajungem. Ca asta e normalitatea. Asta este standardul.
Ne despart din pacate secole de civilizatie. 
Denis Florent este director de programe la Kiss FM . In Romania e muschetar printre grobieni:
"I am sincerely very happy for you. Your adventure is the best one that
people like us can live. And it’s rare. I had that only twice in my
life. ENJOY IT, and don’t listen to stupid comments around, mostly
based on frustration and envy . I have a lot of respect for the team you
are building. You may take people from 21, from Pro, from Kiss, and
that is the logical life of radios. Nothing shocking
there. What IS
important is that you are building the product of your dreams, and THAT
deserves all our respect. I will be your first listener ; not as Kiss
PD, but as the radio fan I am since I was a child.


Merci Denis!

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