My Fair Lady

De saptamana viitoare vedeta Tzac Pac intra in a doua faza a concursului.
4 finalisti se bat in direct la radio pentru statutul de vedeta. Tzac Pac .
Intre timp Trump Productions se asociaza cu MTV pentru un reality show . Miza e asemanatoare, mai bine focusata pe povestea din "My Fair Lady" (Henry Higgins, an arrogant, irascible professor of phonetics, boasts to fellow linguist Colonel Pickering that he can train any woman to speak so properly that he could pass her off as a duchess.)
"We take young women who are in an interesting state in their lives,
meaning, in some cases, they’re not so elegant, but they may have great
beauty or they may have great potential, and we transform them into
something far different from where they started," Trump told the Daily
News yesterday.
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