Unde e poezia (de radio) de altadata?

CEO-ul Clear Channel (cel mai mare operator radio din State) a trimis vineri un e-mail managerilor din companie in care cere reducerea imediata a costurilor pe primul trimestru din 2008.Se urmareste mentinerea profitului companiei in conditiile in care Clear Channel este in tratative pentru vanzarea catre doua fonduri  de investitii. Reducerile se refera la reducerea cheltuielilor pentru research, marketing, nu se mai fac anagajari noi, angajarea unor persoane in locul celor care pleaca din companie se face cu aprobabri speciale. Analistii comenteaza ca in conditiile in care Clear Channel a operat deja reduceri la sange noile directive pot duce in avantaj competitorii care nu sunt (inca) presati sa-si reduca cheltuielile.Vin vremuri grele
Citeste e-mailul lui John Hogan (Clear Channel CEO) in Radio Business Report

"Sad for the millions of listeners who depend on Clear Channel
stations every day who will have one more reason to listen to something
Sad for the thousands of employees who give their all for their little corner of the Clear Channel empire.
Sad for the shock waves this sends throughout our industry, affecting us all."

Si un comentariu din aceeasi zona de pe blogul Jacobs Media:
"So, what’s it going to be?  Slash expenses, shut up, and save money.  Or go against the tide of fear and panic, and rebuild great stations, grow and nurture personalities, build viable roots into the local community, and invest in radio’s future.  No one said it was going to be easy."

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