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Textul 2 e scris de Keith
consultant american
specialist in morning show and talent development. Textul lui Keith
porneste de la cateva comentarii care au la baza rezultatele ultimelor masuratori de audienta in State. Rezultatele PPM arata ca de cele mai multe ori
atunci cand la radio se vorbeste audienta scade (si ca urmare o carca de
directori de programe au in plan pentru 2008 ore intregi de no talk fara
animatori ) . Keith Cunningham crede ca nu vorbele sunt problema ci calitatea
comunicarii. De fiecare data cand
deschizi microfonul.  

Forwarding Audience To The Next Quarter

Saying things like Green Day is next or
Well be right back is the kind of crap that is just not going to cut it. Its
been a lazy crutch for many years, but there are still an awful lot of jocks
that are not effectively forwarding or recycling the audience to the next
quarter-hour or next hour. PPM will show that its all about what is coming up
next. Its not about what has already happened or what some people may have
missed. If youre a jock on a music
station and you say, Ive got Nirvana and Pearl Jam coming up next; dont go
anywhere, that is old-school, clichd, uninteresting radio.
Theres nothing compelling or unique about that. There are a lot of sources out
there that have Nirvana and Pearl Jam, not the least of which are personal MP3
players. So a jock would be better off saying something like this: Hey, you
want the new Radiohead music for free? Ill give you the URL and all of the
details in a few minutes. At least in that regard, the jock is trying to set an
appointment for a few minutes from now, and theyll be giving the audience some information that they can
Better Show Prep
PPM will clearly punish those that arent
prepared. And while that may sound harsh, every second of airtime should count in these days of endless
choices. Jocks cant think they can just wing it all day long or
lose grasp of the big picture. They need to realize that radio is truly
entertainment and theyre disrespecting the listeners time. Even if its just a speed break, jocks
should be scrutinizing themselves by asking ahead of time if they can say
something in a more compelling manner.
More Effective

PPM loves listening events. In order to
create them, where there is a critical mass of audience, stations and jocks need
to more effectively market their events. If there is a big guest coming up on
tomorrows morning show, it has to be promoted with enormous frequency to really
turn it into a listening event. A lot of stations think they can just promote
their morning show every other hour. But think about when youre watching your
favorite prime-time TV show. How many promos do you see for the news coming up
at 11 oclock? Another tip: If there is a special weekend coming up, dont
start promoting the old way: late on a Thursday or early Friday. Do it farther
out and make it an event and start promoting it on Monday or even the weekend
prior. If listening is as truly passive as PPM makes it out to be, our frequency
of mentions needs to increase to get someone to act.

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